Ethical fashion can be sexy.

Ethical fashion doesn't have to be daggy. Here at malc&andi we sell fashionable, vegan products from on-trend colourful rubber watches and vegan handbags to organic rubber thongs. 

We believe in thinking. We believe in questioning. We believe in trying to make a difference.

We believe in considering the implications of our decisions.

Our purchase decisions have some of the largest implications of all of our decisions. So here at malc&andi we want to give you the chance to make purchases that will have good outcomes.

All of our products are cruelty free. No animals had to suffer in their making. We also donate 5% of sales to animal charity to try and help end the suffering of the beautiful animal kingdom. And whenever and wherever we can, we find products that are environmentally responsible and reduce our impact on the world.

We hope you appreciate our efforts.

malc&andi x  

malc&andi ethical fashion