NEW Breo 2012 range

July 22, 2012 at 11:41 PM

So excited about the launch of the new breo watch range! There are some georgeous and unique new watches designs, and breo have upped the ante and the waterproof levels of their watches. The watches are super stylish, with great mens, ladies and unisex styles. And Breo have kept their signature style with bold design and bright colours.

The rubber watch range keeps breo’s trademarks of minimalist design combined with a super comfortable fit, at affordable prices.

                    Classic_Purple_1.jpg  Bangle_Pink_2.jpg  Curve_Orange_1.jpg 

                          Breo Classic Watch - $44.99          Breo Bangle Watch - $34.99             Breo Curve Watch - $39.99

                               Available in 8 colours                    Available in 4 colours                        Available in 6 colours


There are also some great sports watches available. Starting with affordable lightweight designs that are great to wear when you just need a comfortable watch to keep time. If you want a more advanced sports watch with all those fancy extra functionalities, like anti-static, shockproof, chronograph and countdown timers, breo have this covered too.


                          Breo Zone Watch - $124.99          Breo Reflex Watch - $34.95              Breo Trak Watch - $129.99

                              Available in 8 colours                    Available in 4 colours                   Available in Black & White


And breo have taken their world famous "Roam" watch and given it a "twist". Introducing the "Roam Twist" ;-) It has the original Roam watch form but has extra length which you wrap around your wrist so it appears like bracelets. It is 5ATM so you can wear it without worrying while you’re playing sport, swimming and messing about.  


                                                                        Breo Roam Twist - $34.95

                                       Available in 6 colours - Pink Multi, Blue Multi, Black, White, Purple and Lime Green 


Check out the new range here:




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