Buying on a Budget

July 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM


I hate it when people suggest that you can buy on a budget by mixing designer pieces with vintage finds. Designer is always super expensive and vintage is so popular that these days it is usually more expensive than buying new stuff. When I say buying on a budget, I mean buying on a normal person’s wage – and that doesn’t include scope for $1000 designer handbags!

After living in London for 3 years I really got used to being able to dress fashionably on a budget. Think Top Shop, think Primark, think H&M. Salivating right now just at the thought of it! Australia is definitely harder to find reasonably priced shopping, but there are ways...

I scour the cheap stores, both independents boutiques (which I prefer) as well as the Divas, Valley Girls and Supres of the world. If you shop carefully you don't have to look cheap, just because you buy cheap. Look at what is on-trend in the expensive stores, in magazines, on blogs, then go into the cheaper stores. They always have replicas of the expensive trends for more affordable prices. And yes, I will admit the quality isn't amazing, but I tend to get sick of my clothes before they've even had a chance to fall apart. Besides, fashion changes every season so do you really want your wardrobe to last years? Unless of course, you're planning on keeping it all until it comes back in fashion decades later!

Check out my Valley Girl cardigan, Supre pants, Wittner boots and Diva ring. This outfit gets complimented every time I wear it and also gets looks of shock when I tell people the price of the items. Oh, and do you like my nail polish? Free with the latest edition of Cleo. I paired this outfit with my malc&andi handbag and a breo Classic watch. Loving the colour orange right now!! Are you?


Valley Girl Burnt Orange Cardigan - $39.95

Wittners boots - $100

Super Tie Dye Leggings - $20.00 and now on sale for just $15.00



Breo Classic Watch Orange - $44.99


malc&andi handbag - $79.95 with 5% of sales donated to animal charity


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