5% of Sales Donated to Animal Charity

Here at malc&andi we are very passionate about animals and want to do as much as we can to help animals. You can feel good knowing that 5% of sales of products from this site and all malc&andi products is donated to animal charities. 

We donate to Animals Australia because we know they are a pretty amazing organization that do a lot with our donations. They not only support domesticated animals but also fight for the rights of those animals who are often forgotten. They educate the public so that we can make more educated buying decisions and campaign governments to ensure that our laws and society protect the animal kingdom.  

After a recent trip to Sri Lanka we saw the dire situation of the country's dogs, and in particular the huge amount of stray dogs that are abundant across the country. We found a very inspirational organisation, the Dog Care Clinic E.V, which is fighting against the odds helping to relieve the dogs' suffering and also helping to reduce the number of stray dogs by offering free neutering. And we feel that they are more than deserving to receive some of our funds. 

Click on the logos below to find out more about both of these organisations.

If you have any animal charities that you think are worthy of donation, please email info@malcandi.com.au and give us details of your chosen charity.



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